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Our passion is to help educate pet owners on puppy care and connect them with reputable breeders to find their new puppy. Searching for a puppy is a special moment for the whole family and shouldnt be a stressful or scary moment. Unfortuantly with all the puppy scammers out there we’re now dedicated to help the fight against puppy scams by offering our Puppy Breeder Search services to anyone searching for a new puppy to bring home! Find a breeder today, avoid the scam and learn all about proper puppy care along the way!

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Connecting pet owners with reputable breeders. 

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Complete The Puppy Search Questionnaire

Our Puppy Questionare will help us match you with the right breeder so you get the right puppy without the hassle of dealing with puppy scammers. After we recieve your completed Puppy Breeder Search Questionare & determine we have the right Breeder for you we will accept the Puppy locating fee to start the service for you.

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After carefully reviewing your application we will match you with the right breeder(s) that fit your needs for your new puppy.

Set up Delivery Service For Your New Puppy

You and your puppies breeder will go over deliverey options to set up the best method for you and your puppies needs. Your family will enjoy the special moment of adding a new puppy to your home! After everything’s said and done your puppy buying experience will be a pleasure like it should be. 

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We believe in helping people have a stress free experience while searching for their next fur baby.  Our mission to create a safe community for all pet lovers. Enhancing our efforts in promoting responsible breeding practices and fighting against puppy scammers.