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Your VPH Travel Portal gives your employees deep discounts on Hotels. Search cruises, lodging and tour vacations in travel excursion packages through a custom-made website branded with your Logo for your company’s team to pick and choose their travel options.

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Let your team know how much you value them by giving them exclusive access to the deepest discounts available today to more than 700,000 properties in locales around the world with Virtual Pet Hub.
By offering VPH’s travel discounts your company will gain a competitive edge in recruitment, retention, morale and motivation with our Travel Benefit Programs. Your team will thank you later!


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By giving employees access to VPH’s worldwide network of hotel discounts, you’ll improve morale which will boost performance and create a more cohesive working environment. Give your team the best, they’ve earned it.

Client Retention

With access to VPH’s library of deep discounted hotels, your client will love using your exclusive perk hub to search online perks, gain access to pet education and save money on their next trip.



Rest easy with the knowledge your team’s reservations will be made through a highly secure, easy to navigate website.

Hot Hotel Deals

Your employees can save up to 65% on hotels and maximize their travel by saving on every trip they book thru VPH.


Largest Inventory Supply

Over 700,000 properties with exclusive discounts, packages and more.


How many business trips do you send your employees on each year? Now imagine shaving thousands offthat number annually by utilizing VPH’s membership benefits.

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