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Offer perks & exclusive savings to your entire community

  • Vets can now offer their employees and clients a new experience with their very own VPH Vet Hub’s co-branded Website Portal.
  • Offer a online Pet Hub to your staff & clients as a valuable resource for learning about important health care topics and one stop shop experience when traveling with or without their pets.
  • Your community will gain exclusive access to educational info and stress-free pet travel w/ discounted rates up 65% off other online websites.
  • Pet Hub’s travel perks will boost client and staff retention and create new marketing and branding opportunities.
  • Pet Hub has one of the largest hotel inventory lists today and will match you with the best pet-friendly hotels across the world with unlimited savings.

Reward your Employees!


  • As an incentive for hard working and loyal employees, offer  travel perks including 65-percent savings on hotel reservations and other travel expenses.
  • SAVE TIME  – Your staffs go to site for helping your clients with their pet travel requirements,  creating a less stressful experience and offering travel perks along the way as an extra benefit

Client Retention!


  • Pet owners will love a place to go to get educational information and have access to exclusive discounted travel perks with all the information they need to travel with their pets from your website.
  • Take the stress out of traveling with pets by offering your clients a one-stop shop experience for everything they need to travel with their pet right from your custom website.
  • Help clients by offering access to a Pet Travel Checklist that gives them quick access to the pet travel requirements from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the American Veterinary Medical Association in one FUN and easy-to-navigate site.
  • Your clients will appreciate the discounted travel memberships specifically branded for your Veterinary Hospital like no other!

Offer Pet Travel Solutions!


  • Your very own Pet Hub will give Pet owners in  your community a unique one stop shop experience branded with your hospital logo. Your clients will love a place to go to get exclusive travel knowledge and find all the information they need to travel with their pets from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) in one FUN easy to navigate site
  • Pet owners will appreciate the discounted rates with their travel memberships specifically branded for your Veterinary Hospital. 
  • Stand out from the rest and take your hospital to the next level!

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